Apples & Such

12 acre's of apples 26 varieties in order of ripening

Lodi - very early green to yellow apple similar to yellow transparent - Large - Doesn't keep well - pies & sauce ripens mid August.
Dutchess - Origin Russia - color maroon over green best pie apple - keeps a couple weeks in cold storage average size - ripens late August.
William's Pride - Deep burgundy red eating apple - sweet - keeps 2 weeks in cold storage - ripens last half of August.
Paula Red - Deep Red over lili green - medium size - Firm white flesh similar to Macintosh, good for early eating or cooking or sauce. Ripens last week August - keeps 3 week or so in cold storage.

Zestar- Great eating and cooking apple 3" apple with red over yellow background, very popular, keeps 6 to 8 weeks in cold storage , ripens last 2 week of August - first week September. Great pies also great all around apple.
Dolgo Crab - Peach Red color, long shaped 1-1/2" firm sweet juicy, lots of pectin canned crabapple jelly or canned apples ripens late August very nice flavor.
Red Free - Nice size, nice looking apple red delicious shape, very good eating apple if picked right - short window of ripening, hold to tree well keeps several weeks in cold storage, can cook also, ripens late august - early September, disease resistant.
Red Macintosh- developed Macintosh strain that gets redder and crisper than older Macintosh strains, also has a nice taste if allowed to ripen, full red color keeps 2 to 3 months in cold storage, good cooker, good apple all around nice size, burgundy red when fully ripe, produces each year nicely.
Wolf River - Very large apple, sometimes 1 apple will make a whole pie, good pie and sauce apple, poor eating apple. Ripens mid September, novelty apple because of its giant size, keeps 6-8 weeks in cold storage,
Red Cortland - Achieve full color 2 weeks faster than regular cortland crisp burgundy apple good eating and cooking,stays white when sliced keeps 6-8 weeks in storage,nice size good all around apple produces each year regularly.
Sweet 16 - Good eating apple, parent MN447 and northern spy, nice tart sweet eating apple good size, keeps maybe 4-6 weeks.
Haralson - Parentage Malinda x Wealthy, nice sized apple, deep red with freckles, good tart eating apple, good pie apple - apples stay firm in pies, ripens mid September keeps 2-3 months in cold storage.
Honeycrisp - One of the best eating apples on the market today, great keeper - 6 months in cold storage, color orange stripes over yellow, large size good cooking and cider apple also, ripens mid September needs supplemental calcium for apples to stay firm, very crispy and juicy, good all around apple.
Chestnut Crab - Parenting Seberia Crab and Melinda big for crab - up to 2", orange color with russet used for eating or canned whole, keeps 4-6 weeks in cold storage nice eating crabapple.
Liberty - Parentage macoum and purdue 45-12 ripens late September medium to small size, deep purple when ripe full good eating, keeps relatively well 6-8 weeks, cooks well.
Empire - Macintosh - Delicious cross dark red burgundy color,a little smaller than Mac, nice taste, nice eating apple, cooks well good all around apple - probably not appreciated as such because of little smaller size, perfect as school kid lunch pail apple, ripens early to mid October.

Honeygold - Parentage Haralson and yellow Delicious, crunchy sweeter richer honey like taste than yellow delicious, great eating apple very susceptible to bruising good keeper 2-3 months or more in humidified cold storage, great eating apple, pretty color pink blush over yellow background.
Snowsweet - Good late season eating apple, slow to turn brown when flesh is cut, sweet taste and slightly tart good keeper 6-10 weeks or more ripens mid October, great new apple variety nice size.
Connell Red - Mutation of fireside, large size, red blush over green yellow background, good eating apple - has its own taste, not great for cooking (stays crunchy even after backing) little sweeter eating than fuesids, ripens mid to late October, keeps 5-6 months

Fireside - Parentage Macintosh and Longfuld large size broken orange and red stripes over yellow good eating apple like Connell Red, stores 5-6 months
Jonafree - Jonathan cross apple - one of few hardy enough to grow up north here, late season eating apple medium size keeps 6-8 weeks
Regent - Parents Red Duchess and Red Delicious good eating and cooking apple, red stripes over yellow or deep red to burgundy - keeps 6-8 weeks or more ripens late October

We also Have, when available, fresh frozen cherries, raspberries and strawberries.

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